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What does AGUA DE SOL bring?

AGUA DE SOL has developed the SunAir Fountain®, a solution allowing the production of drinking water* from the environment, thanks to two abundant, renewable and free resources: atmospheric humidity and the sun.

Agua de Sol

* Drinking water is the most noble water which provides sustenance

Agua de Sol


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  • SunAir Fountain® is made up of at least one 1m2 panel.


  • A panel produces up to 2 liters of drinking water per day [1] .


  • For a family of 5 people and an average consumption of 20 liters of water per day, 10 panels would therefore be required.


  • Each panel weighs 45Kg;  it is made up of a frame, an adsorbent bed, a window for the condensation and a fan powered by solar energy.


  • The installation of SunAir Fountain can easily be carried out by the user, on the roof, the terrace, or even in the garden.


  • Maintenance is reduced to changing/cleaning the air and water filters.


  • The lifespan is approximately 20 years.


  • SunAir Fountain operates in two phases:


  1. At night , the drop in air temperature causes the relative humidity to rise, the water vapor is then trapped, thanks to the adsorbent.

  2. During the day , the solar energy releases the water vapor from the adsorbent, and it is then cooled by ambient air and is condensed.


Water is thus produced easily and reliably.


[1] In atmospheric conditions of 30°C and relative humidity 80%

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