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Agua de Sol uses innovative technologies for the production of drinking water.

This water is produced from 2 abundant, renewable and free resources:


atmospheric humidity and solar radiation.

This minimizes the carbon footprint of water produced in situ using solar energy, without plastic packaging or transport.

The cost of the water obtained is much lower than bottled water, which is too often the solution used to drink healthy water.

Agua de Sol

Agua de Sol


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From the outset of the project, Agua de Sol wanted a solution that met 3 essential criteria :

  1. Low tech

The Agua de Sol module uses a single moving part: a fan of a few watts to charge the adsorbent with water vapor during the night phase. During the day, only solar radiation, convection and gravity are used to extract extract very pure water. Simplicity stems from reliability.

    2.Low carbon

The use of photovoltaic solar energy to power the fan, and thermal solar energy to heat the adsorbent allow a minimum carbon footprint. The material making up the module chassis (wood from certified drills, heat treated) was chosen to limit the impact.

    3.Low cost

The sales price target for an Agua de Sol module corresponds to approximately 2 years of purchasing an equivalent quantity of bottled water. The aim is therefore to amortize the purchase price by around 2 years.


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