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Agua de Sol uses adsorption technology to capture water vapor from the atmosphere. The water vapor is fixed at night by the adsorbent, then extracted during the day thanks to solar radiation which is used to heat the adsorbent. Solar radiation also allows sterilization of water and the condenser. The condensation of water vapor, extracted at high temperature, is carried out by heat exchange with the ambient air, no refrigeration unit required.

The water obtained by this process is extremely pure. To enter regulatory drinking standards, it requires mineralization. This operation is carried out by filtration through a bed of lithothamne, a red alga rich in calcium and magnesium.

The lithothamne or Phymatolithon calcareum is a small red alga of 2 cm belonging to the family of corallinaceae producing calcareous concretions. It is exceptionally rich in minerals and organic trace elements. It grows by 15 to 25 meters deep, protected from pollution, on rocky bottoms mainly off the Glénan Islands, in Brittany, in the English Channel and the Mediterranean or in Mexico

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